Cruise Control

Cruise_FBI’m very excited to be in rehearsals for David Williamson’s latest play Cruise Control at the Noosa Arts Theatre under the direction of Sam Coward. Cruise Control opens April 17 and goes to May 2 with previews April 15 – 16.

The play premiered at the Ensemble Theatre in Sydney in 2014 and was directed by David Williamson.  This will be the Queensland premier of Cruise Control. We had the  privilege of David’s company at a rehearsal when he came to speak about the process of writing Cruise Control. He then gracefully took questions from the cast and a group of directing interns about his 40-year career as a dramatist working in Australian theatre.

Below is the promo for Cruise Control. I’m playing Fiona Manton — the long-suffering wife of the insufferable Richard Manton, a failed British novelist with an ego the size of the Queen Mary 2.

Join these three couples aboard the Queen Mary 2 as it ploughs its way to New York.

They have failed to tick the appropriate boxes in their paper work and find themselves locked into the hellish world of designated seating at dinner and b-grade cabaret; as their relationships hit icy water and the cruise unfolds into a bedlam of sexual tension and drowning relationships.

David Williamson gives us a range of characters who, in their various ways, are a pleasure to spend time with. Cruise Control is definitely two hours of smooth sailing, with the playwright at his sharp-witted, keenly observed and most enjoyable best.

A sure fire hit, having its Queensland Premier here, at Noosa Arts Theatre.

Director: Sam Coward


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